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In our previous roles, we struggled with building revenue teams. The TAT from opening the positions to rolling out the offer letters was over several months, leading to missed revenue goals.

When it became a growth bottleneck, we attempted to solve it by identifying the gaps in the existing recruitment process.

The objective was to reduce the “Time” without hampering the quality.

We started listening to hiring managers and job seekers, only to find out there were many unanswered questions for both when it comes to hiring throughout the process, adding to delay and uncertainty. We went beyond JDs and CVs to break them into factors which lead to hiring decision-making and were able to reduce the time multiple folds

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    Piyush Sharma, Founder

    Jack of all trades but master of sales. I worked in sales strategy and demand generation for close to a decade. Having worked with companies like Radware, CloudSEK etc, I have build my expertise in understanding cybersecurity and SaaS focused sales.

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    Really a different approach and experience in the hiring system. Giving me complete visibility in the hiring process and I never had followup for any updates

    Account Manager

    Beyondcc Talent team helped me in understanding the role, company culture and also how my experience could align with it and what value I could bring to the table for the organization.


    thank you all for providing me with this exciting opportunity. my process from my first connect to onboarding was smooth.

    Account executive

    Beyondcc Talent team helped with the interview preparations and where I should be focusing on while keeping the role in mind. They kept the complete process transparent.


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